In the heart of the jungle protected by our Mayan ancestors, emerges an octagonal shaped facility center with its 8 triangular sides.  In the Mayan calender the 8th KIN is the star that has the purest vibration.


From this high octave our holistic center of Nueva Altia offers optimum space and confort. The cordiality and contact with our guest that arrives and uses our facilities makes it unique place for group integration. Here we recognize and add up to the efforts  of each conferencee to make sure his/her event is successful.

Our meeting room is 450 sq ft. Besides, we offer much more open space sorrounded by nature, eliminating noise and distractions, but still including the comfort and peace that we experience in the magical jungle of the Mayans in Yucatan.


Food being a priority, one can always find options to adjust to necessities, working with folks from the community to bring these ítems as fresh as posible to your table; moreover, offering a selection of various menus, depending on requirements of each group, be it vegetarian or conventional, including the delicious Mexican snacks. Group organizers have the option of setting up their schedule of meals depending on activities.

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