At Nueva Altia we are creating a sustainable space where we come together and bestow in a responsible, creative and respectful manner for this place to vibrate on a high level of consciousness to allow all participating here to feel the love of Mother Nature and experience her abundane.





Inspired by the Fibonacci Spiral, we created space in harmony with nature by designing rooms in the shape of the shell creating the ideal atmosphere for a relaxed experience. 




The sun is the source of our energy thru solar panels and of the warm water of your shower so that we save energy minimizing our carbon footprint.  Thru the bioclimatic design of our buildings our guest rooms remain cool. At night, our illumination is thru energy saving leds. As part of our awareness on saving energy, we do not have electric outlets for the use of hair dryers or other appliances


Waste Water Treatment


We have installed biofilters thru which we treat and recycle all sewage water.

Eco Hotel Nueva Altia
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